4 Easy Ways to Make Your Voice Sound Great On Video

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Voice Sound Great On Video

With bad audio, you get a bad video. Bad audio is one of the major factors that stop people fr om watching videos. Therefore, it is essential that if you want your viewers to watch your videos, your audio must be of excellent quality. For beginners, recording audio for a video can be a tricky task. What should you do to make your voice sound great on video? MIX Recording Studio, a professional recording studio, supports artists fr om all over the world to get perfect audio for their videos. In this blog, let’s learn four easy ways to get the perfect voice for videos.

1. Buy a good quality microphone
When it comes to recording audio, a good quality microphone is one of the basic requirements. Moreover, a microphone, already built into the camera, does not fulfill the purpose of the videos that require special attention to sound. Thus, investing in a high-quality external microphone can ease your task. While working with different microphones, the difference between the audio quality with a low-quality microphone and a high-quality microphone becomes obvious. With a high-quality microphone, you can get a clear and professional sound. Now you must be thinking about the money that would be required to get a new microphone. There are plenty of inexpensive but quality microphones available both at online and offline stores.

2. Try maintaining a consistent environment
Creating an ideal world like a professional recording studio, wh ere you can control all the sounds, is tough. However, you can control the recording environment to get a better quality sound. One way is to maintain a consistent environment and procedure. For instance, use the same room and the microphone set up, use a mic stand and maintain the same recording distance fr om the mic throughout the recording, use a screen to prevent the popping sounds from ruining the recording sessions, etc.

3. Reduce the extra noise
Choose a room free from all the extra noise but is it feasible. Obviously not. Extra noises pose problems during recording and challenges during editing. To get quality sound you can try to do away with extra background noise as much as possible. There are ways to control those wanted noises. You must unplug machines such as turn off fans and air conditioners. Select a room that is dry and does not echo. You can also mimic the techniques used in a professional studio such as using thick sheets and materials around you and your microphone.

4. Edit precisely and insert rightly in the video
Take several recordings and get the best version of your voice. You can use audio editing software wh ere you can combine all of the recordings to create a perfect version. Make sure the edited version should flow as if it were a single take. Before uploading, let your friends and family listen to the recording to give an unbiased review.
If you want to create a video in which you both look and sound best, insert the edited recording over the video footage. However, you should note that the recording of your voice lines up with your lip movement in the video.


These tips help you get fantastic sound for your videos. Use them to your advantage and let all your videos become popular with high-quality audio. For all kinds of recording assistance, MIX Recording Studio is there to help you. To avail of our services, such as recording service or/and mixing and mastering services, contact us.
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