MIX Recording Studio Presents: College Radio Directory

Exclusive Offer for Our Clients: College Radio Directory

As a valued client of MIX Recording Studio, we're thrilled to offer you exclusive access to the College Radio Directory. This comprehensive directory is your key to unlocking vast opportunities to get plays in the radio stations.

What is the College Radio Directory?

  • A Comprehensive List: The College Radio Directory is a detailed compilation of contact information for top college radio stations across the U.S.

  • Includes Key Contacts: It provides names, email addresses, and phone numbers of key personnel at these stations.

  • Perfect for Networking: Ideal for music artists and bands looking to submit their music for airplay, secure interviews, and build professional relationships in the radio world.

Why You Need the College Radio Directory:

  • Extensive Reach: With stations like KCRW 89.9 FM in Los Angeles, your music can reach audiences well beyond the college campuses.

  • Support for Underground and New Artists: College radio stations often spotlight underground music and artists not featured on Top-40 charts.

  • Greater Accessibility: These stations are more open to new artists, providing a platform where mainstream radio might not.

  • Direct Communication: Bypass intermediaries and connect directly with those who decide what gets played on the air.

At MIX Recording Studio, we're committed to helping you achieve your musical dreams. From laying down your songs in our advanced studio to leveraging the power of the College Radio Directory, we're here to guide your journey to success. Let's collaborate to produce music that resonates throughout Los Angeles and beyond!

College Radio Directory

Everything you need to get your music on college radio stations is in our Directory.


  • Music Directors + DJs contacts

  • 250 Broadcast Stations + show name (ex. WVAS 90.7 The Underground)

    - Precise exposure

  • City, State

    - 200+ cities across the entire U.S.

  • Phone Numbers

    - Follow Up + requests

  • Station’s Instagram Accounts

  • Email Addresses (For Submitting Music)

    - Send mp3s + links to your music

  • Physical Mail Address

    - Send CDs + promo material

  • Websites

    - More info for submission

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