Welcome to MIX Recording Studio, the heart of musical creativity in Los Angeles. As the Top Rated and Best Recording Studio in LA, we offer a comprehensive suite of services catering to music artists, hip hop rappers, pop singers, and more. Our soundproofed facilities and experienced team of music producers and sound engineers are here to ensure your project reaches its full potential.

Recording Studio Rental: Flexibility and Expertise

  • Choose Your Level of Assistance: Our studio rental services are available with or without an experienced sound engineer, giving you the freedom to work in a way that best suits your project.

  • Premium Equipment: Access our high-end recording technology, ensuring your sound is captured with utmost clarity and quality.

Photo & Video Production: Capture Your Artistic Vision

  • A Range of Services: We specialize in a variety of visual productions including professional photo shoots, interviews, captivating music videos, and studio vlogs to document your creative process.

  • Visual Storytelling: Let us help you bring your music to life visually, enhancing your artistic expression and audience engagement.

Podcast Recording: Your Voice, Amplified

  • Audio and Video Podcasts: We provide comprehensive services for both audio and video podcasts, including live streaming capabilities for virtual guests via platforms like Zoom.

  • Broadcast-Quality Production: Ensure your podcast has the professional sound and look it deserves, making your voice heard clearly and effectively.

Drum Recording: Precision and Quality

  • Expert Sound Engineering: Benefit from our highly trained sound engineers who specialize in capturing the dynamic range and nuances of drumming.

  • Brand New Drum Set: Utilize our top-quality drum set to create the perfect rhythm for your tracks.

Digital Products: Extend Your Reach

  • College Radio Directory: Get access to our exclusive Radio Directory, a valuable resource for artists aiming to promote their music through radio airplay.

  • Playlist Submission: Enhance your music's visibility by submitting it to curated playlists, increasing your chances of being heard by a wider audience.

Gift Certificate: The Gift of Music

  • Perfect for Any Occasion: Treat a fellow artist or music lover with a gift certificate to MIX Recording Studio, allowing them to experience our top-notch services.

Online Services: Convenience Meets Quality

  • Mixing & Mastering at Your Fingertips: Our online mixing and mastering services bring the expertise of MIX Recording Studio directly to you, no matter where you are.

Your Musical Journey Starts Here

At MIX Recording Studio, we're dedicated to supporting your musical journey, offering everything from vocal recording to specialized drum recording in Los Angeles. Our commitment to quality and innovation makes us the go-to studio for music artists, hip hop artists, and music producers alike.


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