Booking Procedure

The studio can be booked by phone, text message, email or IG. We will then provide the client with studio availability, acquire their information, and send a deposit payment online invoice. When the deposit payment is received, the session is confirmed and finalized. Payment for the remaining balance is done at the studio, in person when the clients arrive for their session.

The studio accepts credit card payments, cash payments, and most mobile banking systems such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

After making a session booking, the online invoice will remain for one hour. After an hour, if the clients deposit is unpaid, it will expire automatically, and the session time slot will be released.

Our studio sessions bookings should all be completed with our online deposit format. However, a cash deposit can be made in person, 6 or more hours before the scheduled time to confirm a client’s session.

The studio is available by appointment only. However short notice sessions may become available. Please note that the online or cash deposit is still required prior to the session.

Please contact us by calling, texting, emailing or using IG to inform us of your arrival. A studio representative will meet with you immediately.

In the event, that a client needs to cancel or reschedule an already booked session, a minimum of 48 hours notice must be provided before the booked session. If at least 48 hours notice is not provided, the session booking’s online deposit is forfeited. For sessions scheduled within the 48-hour time frame, deposits are also forfeit. Clients that provided the required notice will be able to reschedule and transfer the deposit to a new booking or get a refund.

When a client arrives late for the session, the time can not be extended, and no discounts are provided. This is in part due to the fact that bookings can include an engineer, and their time is also valuable. Clients who are more than 15 minutes late will have their session cancelled as the studio reserves this right and the client will forfeit their deposit.

There is a lot for parking behind the studio's building, as well as some availability for on street parking if the lot is already full. Check our website contact page for more information.

Studio Sessions

Clients will need to bring the following:

-          A Valid Identification to verify the credit card transaction;

-          The instrumental or beat to be ready for the session;

-          A flash drive or portable drive to transfer and store session files.

 No session files are stored or saved on site so it is important that clients bring their own storage.


But most importantly, don’t forget to bring an
amazing mood and creativity. The magic is about to begin!

Yes, but only if clients need someone to operate equipment and provide assistance during a studio session. We do provide studio rental to clients bringing their own sound engineer who proficient working unassisted with studio equipment.

Clients will need their instrumental or beat and must have their lyrics ready. Clients can bring these on a flash drive or portable drive. They can also email a copy to our engineer at the beginning of the session.

Yes, as requested by clients. Links can be emailed to our engineers at the beginning of the session.

Yes, as requested by clients. Links can be emailed to our engineers at the beginning of the session.

No, our Studio engineers work within the fixed hourly rate. Clients only pay for booked studio time with an engineer.

Yes, it is all included in the hourly rate, when you book our engineers, it includes vocal recording, mixing, and mastering services but as long as time is left in a session.

Vocal recording and your speed depends solely on each client. However, we would like to make the recommendation that you have at least 1-2 hours for vocal recordings for a single Rap or Hip-Hop track.

It can vary per song. For a single-track Rap or Hip-Hop Project, basic mix, we would recommend at least 1-2 hours. However, if a client requests a more complex mix that needs multi-track recording, additional edits, track level automation, additional panning and possible effect parameters, then it could take some time. We ask clients to consider this and try to plan effectively.

We require clients to bring a flash drive or portable drive transfer session files. We highly recommend a hard drive with high-speed. This saves time when transferring and allows focus on the music, as all tasks need to be completed within the pre-booked sessions. Our studio does not store or save any files.

No, after a session is ended, the engineer transfers the sessions files to the client’s flash drive or portable hard drive. The song is formatted in both MP3 (regular) and WAV (better quality, larger size), so the song itself may be sent through email. Then along with the song in MP3/WAV format, there are the entire sessions (ProTools) files. These files are too large for transferring through email. So, they must be transferred directly into the client’s flash drive or hard drive. They can also be transferred to a laptop. For the next session or to make changes the clients must bring their previous session (ProTools) files. The engineer can then open them and make necessary adjustments at their next studio session. We do not store or save files.

We refer to the "Studio Recording Agreement", that states that "all stages of development, rights, title, and interest pertaining to any and all copyrightable work products of the Services (collectively, “Work Product”) will be the exclusive property of the Client."

"Clients shall make commercially reasonable efforts for engineers to receive credit in the following format: “Sound Engineer: [Contractor’s Agent’s Name].” The size, style of type, duration, and other attributes (except position) of the engineer's credit shall be determined in accordance with music industry practices relative to sound engineers."

We can help, we have associate producers, we can get you in touch with, through email. These producers will discuss with you the finer points of music production to accompany your song. Rates can vary greatly with each producer. During these conversations, you can also receive more information for copyrights and royalties, establish production rates and create an agreement. Each client and producer are accountable for all legal and monetary business pertaining to use and sale of tracks. Our Studio has no involvement in any legal business concerning tracks, producers and clients. The Studio only acts as a broker regarding music production requests.

Once an Agreement is signed. The clients and producer can establish a date and time to book studio rental for music production. The producer will provide or act as engineer. Please note that studio rental fees and production service fees are separate and the client is responsible to pay each accordingly.

About Studio

Yes. We are a professional studio offering professional recording services. Verify it here on the website.

Yes, our Engineers have specific experience with Hip Hop and R&B.

Yes, clients can convey food and drink to a studio session. However, no food or drinks can be deposited on the studio desk space. The general condition and cleanliness of the studio must be in the same state that it was found in upon arrival.

Yes, clients can take friends to a session, as long as the group size does not exceed our posted capacity. Also check out our Covid-19 restrictions for any additional safety requirements.

Our dedicated team has developed a unique system that will promote you as an Artist while attracting more listeners to your Music.
You can now book high quality, professional photo and video services in our Recording Studios and get outstanding content for all media platforms!

A complete list of equipment, can be found on our website under the heading “Gear List”. For clarification on any of the items just ask.

Yes, as long as the computer has Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt 3 capabilities.

The studio computer plugins available are: Autotune, Vocal Synth 2, Waves, Melodyne, UAD Powered Plug-Ins, FabFilter and Pro-Q 3 etc.

Yes, the studio uses Autotune and Melodyne. Summarily our Engineers are experienced and trained in all of our equipment and software.

We use the Neumann TLM 103 model.

We will have to verify its compatibility. Contact us with its exact model information.

Sessions can be booked in a smoking room at our studio, extra rates will apply. This allows marijuana use only.
Due to Covid-19 restrictions for studio rental accompanied by in-house engineers smoking is only permitted in the vocal booth, in our smoking facility.

Our studio utilizes the most current versions of Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton, and FL Studio.

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