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Tips for finding the right recording studios in Los Angeles

Are you a passionate artist looking for a space to record your music? Are you searching for a location that will be centrally accessible and will also offer you affordable rates for the best equipment? Here is what you need to do to find the right recording studios as per your requirement. We have compiled a few tips for your ease of finding the most affordable recording studios in Los Angeles.  

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How to Prepare for a Recording Session in LA

Your song is complete and you’re ready to take your music to the next stage. After you’ve booked a recording session, you need to think about preparing for your time in the studio.

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5 Tips for Branding as a Musician in Los Angeles

It can be awkward to think about ‘branding’ as a musician’. To many, it symbolises a move away from what matters: the music. The truth is, you’re already branding yourself.
Branding is an extension of who you are as an artist. Your brand doesn’t have to be manufactured.
In fact, when done right, along with a professional recording in Los Angeles, your branding should be a natural part of your identity as a musician.
So, what do you need for branding as a musician?
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Booking a Recording Studio in Los Angeles - Top 5 Things to Consider

Ready to book a recording studio in Los Angeles? Before you contact an LA recording studio and book a session, there are a few things to consider first.
How much time will I need for a session at a recording studio in Los Angeles?

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Top 4 Music Trends for the 2020s

2020 has been a year of transformations and surprises, and the music industry is no different.
The impact of the coronavirus has changed the face of how we consume music, from live performances to live-streams.

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5 Signs Your Track Needs Professional Studio Mixing

You’ve recorded your hip hop track. The vocals, the beat, the snare - everything is in place. Except there’s something holding it back. The tracks need a higher level of polish. Here’s where mixing comes in.

So what exactly is mixing? And why is it important for your music? As a hip hop recording studio in Los Angeles, we’ve prepared this list to help you decide when to seek a mixing session with a professional sound engineer. 

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