5 Music Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

5 Music Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

Art transforms itself every few years. Music too like any other art form has great potential to revolutionize the world with new trends and innovations in forms. With the emergence of the internet and new technologies, the changes are dramatic and unexpected. MIX Recording Studio, a professional recording studio keeps an eye on the emerging trends and provides valuable information to the artists through curated blogs.

Here, we’ll take a look at the 5 music trends that are going to make a difference in 2022. 

1. Use of AI in Music

Artificial Intelligence (AI) an efficient tool to automate tasks is now also being utilized in developing music. It can harmonize melodies more efficiently and quickly than any human can achieve. AI analyses data from various musical compositions and then selects and uses characteristics to create enjoyable music. AI-created music is doing great as they are streaming the music world and producing hits.

The technology is opening doors for those who are acquiring technical skills in AI in the music industry. It’s also helping record labels to use AI instead of spending and hunting new artists.

2. Individual Artist over Industry

The job of record labels saw a setback in the recent past. Individual artists have started promoting themselves. Thanks to the internet that is helping millions of artists across the world to make a place for themselves in the music world. The emerging and budding artists no longer need the big corporate offices to market them. All you require is one hit song, a signature dance step, and a few trending sweeps to get yourself ‘viral’.

We’re now living in a world where popularity is measured in terms of followers and subscribers. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok have emerged as popular platforms where artists can easily connect themselves with their fans and get spotted. Professional recording studios are a great help for the artists and MIX Recording Studio helps budding artists at every step of music creation.

3. Innovations in Genres

Earlier genres defined a particular artist but now trends have changed. Artists have now started experimenting with genres. Since they are working independently, they have more space and freedom to compose outside the fixed genres. For example artists with expertise in classical and jazz try to hybrid them with hip-pop or rock music. Thus, we have a great variety of remixes that are loved and listened to by music lovers.

We also have genreless music that is more in harmony with cultural preferences, tendencies, and lifestyles. These don’t follow any genre but focus on the mood of the moment. This is an opening area of interest for those who are interested in various types of music but also appreciate similarities in style, lyrics, and sound. It also paves a way for undiscovered, independent artists who create less-explored genres.

4. Music experienced through Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a new norm that allows you to get connected to distant people in real-time. Similarly, it helps us to get connected and experience music more personally. Music lovers have a greater opportunity to experience their favorite band perform live from the comfort of their homes. Fans not only watch a show from the audience’s perspective but sometimes in these virtual shows, audiences are also taken backstage. Such virtual shows are happening and they are sold on a per-ticket basis.

These virtual shows are now expensive but everyday development in technology such as hardware, software, and skills will make these virtual shows affordable and accessible to larger people in the coming years.

5. Hybrid Creations

Nations and States are no longer separate entities. We have all become globally one. This is also seen in music today. Major music companies from all over the world are now exploring and immersing themselves in regional cultures. They are now collaborating with artists and musicians from different regions to create hybrid music that appeals to larger audiences.


Thus, what we see, this art form that is central to humanity is booming with innovations and global discovery. The future of music is being built by innovative and culturally established artists along with technology, fashion, and gaming. And above all, it is loved and promoted by music lovers globally.

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