5 Tips for Branding as a Musician in Los Angeles

5 Tips for Branding as a Musician in Los Angeles

It can be awkward to think about ‘branding’ as a musician’. To many, it symbolises a move away from what matters: the music. The truth is, you’re already branding yourself

Branding is an extension of who you are as an artist. Your brand doesn’t have to be manufactured.

In fact, when done right, along with a professional recording in Los Angeles, your branding should be a natural part of your identity as a musician.

So, what do you need for branding as a musician?

This varies from artist to artist, but key aspects include a logo, and images for merchandise

But branding as a musician also refers to your social media and on-stage presence. 

Do you post memes or social commentary? Are your performances pared-down, or do you wreck the stage? 

Your branding as a musician forms expectations of the music you create. 

Understand your band before you start on your brand

It can be tempting to make snap branding decisions to focus on the music, but you need to be clear on a few things first. 

What do you want to achieve with your music? Do you want to create chill pop music, or rap songs with meaningful lyrics? 

Do you want to be perceived by audiences as edgy, laidback, or ethereal? 

You need to know your strengths as an artist. Do you have great lyrical abilities, or a very close connection with your audience? 

These questions can help you figure out a direction for branding as a musician.

Music is always the focus

Music is always the most important thing, and if you feel that branding is taking away from what you love about music, chances are it’s the wrong branding for you. Your brand should come naturally and not feel like a burden to your music.

A professional recording in Los Angeles, as well as mixing and mastering of your music, adds to your branding as a musician. It suggests a level of polish that can be key to a successful recording deal. 

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Steal tips from your idols

Think of a musician who inspires you. Keep an image of them in your mind. What makes them stand out to you - both musically and visually? 

Pick three or four key things that spring to mind, and compare them to your own music. Do you want to brand yourself similarly to that artist - or do something very different? Defining your own style is important - and a good recording, in Los Angeles or worldwide, will make you stand out.

Consistency is key

The most important thing about branding is to keep it consistent. Fans need a narrative to get invested in an artist. Change your logo every week, or use random images on your merchandise, and fans will find this confusing and lose interest. 

Once you know exactly what you want to achieve with your music - build that into your merchandise, social media posts, stage performances, music, posters, magazine interviews. Your branding as a musician needs to be cohesive.

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