6 Awesome Tips and Tricks to Sound Better When Recording Your Vocals

6 Awesome Tips and Tricks to Sound Better When Recording Your Vocals

You know you have a great voice and sound good. Even others tell you so. But have you tried recording in a studio? You will be disappointed with your initial attempts. You really sound …bad!
What happens to your usual “good sound” in a studio?
Nothing unusual. Your experience is similar to most newcomers who may sound horrible the first time at the studio but the fact is they are “awesome.” Similarly, you would not remain the same forever. With a few tips and tricks, you can significantly improve your sound on vocal recordings.
MIX Recording Studio, a professional recording studio provides six awesome tips and tricks to sound better when recording your vocals.

1. Prepare yourself before recording

Before entering a recording studio, prepare yourself. For newcomers, standing in a studio to record vocals can be very intimidating hence, it requires a lot of practice.
While practicing, identify the notes that you like and make corrections in those which you don’t like. You must be able to identify the right key and smooth out any range difficulty. You should be ready with your vocal technique to avoid lots of takes and auto-tuning in the studio. In addition, it’s better to memorize your lyrics and melody to avoid fumbling around.

2. Learn a few microphone techniques

Do not rush into a studio without having learned some microphone techniques. Typically in a studio, microphone-to-mouth distance remains constant. Here, you are required to stand still to record your song. So, it is better to practice beforehand to avoid activities such as head movements, which often ruin the recording. Here are a few microphone tips
Volume Control: As you move closer to the microphone, the volume gets louder and as you move farther, it gets softer. Practicing volume control would reduce the amount of compression needed later.
Learn to control popping and sibilance: P’s and B’s produce extra bursts of air or popping, while sibilances such as S’s and F’s produce excessive hissing sounds, and these constitute the problematic sounds during singing. The problem can be resolved by adjusting your angle and distance from the microphone, which helps in reducing the traces of pops and sibilances.
Learn to control breath sounds: Breathing sounds can be avoided by turning your head to the side with each breath.

3. The right kind of microphone matters

Before you start recording, choose the right microphone. The microphone mismatch can distort the quality of your voice. To sound great while recording your microphone must match the uniqueness of your voice. Try running a verse with different microphones. Record and listen back to some tracks without changing the EQ and volume settings. This will help in selecting a perfect microphone.

4. Check your vowels

Work with your vowels as it plays a central role in your singing. It gives more emotions and allows you to use your voice to flow with the track. So, learn to shape your vowel sounds and use them to your advantage while recording your song.

5. Try communicating through your song

While singing, let your lyrics become a medium of communication. Use emotions and make your phrases meaningful. Let your lyrics and emotions come out distinctly while recording and give your music a unique style that can be felt by your listeners. Your nervousness can become a hindrance while communicating through your song so control your nerves by memorizing the lyrics and music, practicing beforehand, etc.

6. Song delivery

Record your song with the intent to reach your listener’s heart. Use the same energy and visualize that you are performing live. Imagine yourself singing to someone to make the connection with the listening audience as you would to a live audience. This would create an emotional effect and make your recording fantastic.

To sum up

These tips and tricks help you sound better while recording your vocals. If you don’t like your sound, keep practicing these tips. They would definitely improve your skills and help you become a better singer.
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