6 Steps to contact playlists and blog

6 Steps to contact playlists and blog

Music blogs and playlists are some of the most significant platforms for connecting fans with new music.

Music blogs and playlists are some of the most significant platforms for connecting fans with new music.

The people who curate them are frequently ardent music fans who are hooked on obtaining the newest tracks straight fr om the source.

You need to approach these tastemakers in the proper manner if you want them on your side. Reaching out, though, can be intimidating, perplexing, and infuriating.

Thus, when contacting playlists and blogs, keep these six points in mind .

1.      Send personalize emails

This is the first and most crucial outreach rule. Many optimistic musicians looking for coverage send hundreds of emails a day to the folks you'll be contacting.

At best, mass emails are impersonal; at worst, they are unsettling. A generic message sent to hundreds of email addresses significantly reduces your chances of being posted.

Instead, customize each email you send to each recipient. That appears to be a lot of work—and it is. However, whatever you can do to improve your chances of receiving a response is a tremendous assist.

Remember that a single post from a respectable source can garner a lot of attention. Even if only one out of every hundred emails receives a response, it will be worthwhile in the end! However, what you can do to boost your odds of hearing back is quite helpful.

2.      Choose the appropriate channels

Tastemakers can determine if you've actually been to their websites and listened to the tunes they post from your first line.

Spend the time to thoroughly investigate each person you speak with and become familiar with their website's content. You can, therefore, concentrate your outreach efforts on the channels that are most appropriate for your music.

Avoid bothering people who deal with completely unrelated genres or are highly unlikely to submit your music by not clogging their email.

Communities include playlists and blogs. If an artist engages in spamming, word will come out.

3.      Be specific about your goals

Don't go for a simple request, such as “check out my SoundCloud”. Only a few bloggers or playlist curators can get by with such an email. A straightforward request to listen is typically not actionable enough to result in quality coverage.

Instead, when you communicate, be clear about your message's objectives. Say so upfront if you're searching for an album review or a single premiere.

Your chances of being included can increase if you grant exclusive access to specific publications or playlists. Offer exclusives from your release to the curators you want the most, if at all possible.

This will enable curators to determine whether the information you are seeking fits in with the rest of their offerings.

Naturally, be sure you're requesting the appropriate stuff. Be aware of your audience and tailor your request to the format of the source you are approaching.

4.      Include context but keep it short

Blogs and playlists do not require a comprehensive press kit to determine whether a tune is appropriate for their feed.

In most circumstances, even a one-sheet provides insufficient information to give basic coverage.

Your letter should just include the important bio information, such as wh ere you're from and what genre you're in, as well as a single press quote or performance highlight as a hook.

Be simple is the basic formula.

5.      Don't irritate, but follow up only once.

Follow-ups are a sensitive topic in the world of internet music promotion. Some think that extra emails are necessary, while others claim that they just serve to harm your case.

Consider sharing the difference if you're undecided.

Keep a record of the date you wrote your email and just follow up once, about 2-3 weeks following your initial contact.

Make your message a kind reminder rather than an angry one. The last thing you want to do is make listening to your music a chore for someone else.

6.      Try your best to assist

What happens if someone chooses to share your track online? Your work is not done.

For their work to be successful, curators and artists rely on one another.

The least you can do to support the promotion of an outlet's post about your music on all of your channels is to link to their platform.

In the same way that you'll earn friends and followers from their posts, you ought to be able to lend a hand to them. Most likely, you know individuals who would enjoy their stuff.


Blogs and playlists are undoubtedly some of the most interesting ways of music promotion. Hence, reach out to them using the most effective methods so that they work effectively to your advantage.

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