7 Techniques for LA Independent Artists to Increase Ticket Sales

7 Techniques for LA Independent Artists to Increase Ticket Sales


Independent artists benefit from performing as many shows as they can. So, as an independent artist, you should plan shows, notify your fans of these shows and guarantee their attendance. One of the most effective ways to promote your music and draw a crowd is to sell tickets. So, look for ways to increase ticket sales. This blog will provide seven strategies for LA independent artists to increase ticket sales.

1. Set the Right Ticket Prices

As an LA independent artist, if you wish to perform and want a good ticket sale, you must set a fair price for the event. When deciding on event ticket prices, strike a balance. If the price is too high, it may discourage people from attending. Conversely, if it is low, you may be unable to recover expenses. To make a profit while still covering event costs, set ticket prices accurately.

2. Create a website page

Next, update your artist's website and create an event page containing details, such as the date and venue of the event. Your event page should also have direct access to buy tickets. It will help your fans get the tickets easily.

If you'd like to throw an event like a house concert where people can pay at the door, you need an RSVP in advance. For this, you can give away tickets through your website.

Make sure that search engine results for your events are displayed as well. In order for Google to display a carousel of events on your SERP (Search Engine Results Page), your website host must offer event schema.

Besides, you can also create a landing page for your event. It focuses on one show and encourages your fans to purchase tickets. In order to turn visitors into customers, you can create several landing pages for each show and direct traffic to them.

3. Leverage Social Media

Today, social media platforms are essential for you to connect with fans and engage listeners.

You can also use it to increase ticket sales for your performances. You can choose organic outreach with your current followers and run some advertisements to reach a larger audience.

Create a Facebook event, containing a link to a comprehensive set of details, and invite your friends and fans to attend the show. Make efforts to inform your followers of upcoming shows on TikTok or Instagram if those platforms are more popular with your target audience. You can do this by posting live streams, links in your bio, and relevant content.

To increase event ticket sales, you must also run social media advertisements. Make independent music artists in LA use social media to promote their upcoming shows by holding contests. You must use it to sell tickets. However, make a clear outline so that your fans can participate in such a contest conveniently.

4. Create Engaging Visual Content

Visual content is a great way to promote music and increase ticket sales. Ensure you have ready-to-use images and videos in multiple formats to sell tickets directly on your website or through a venue. These visual contents should showcase your live performance. To get such images and videos, you can connect with MIX Recording Studio in LA, which works with professional photographers and videographers to create professional visual content for music artists.

Use them to update your website as soon as possible. Add them to your Home Page, EPK and Event Page. Many people will come to the show once they get a sneak peek at your live show through such videos, particularly if they haven't seen you perform before.

5. Utilize Event Discovery Platforms

Another way to promote your events and increase ticket sales is to utilize event discovery platforms like Eventbrite, Meetup, and Bandsintown. These platforms have people actively looking for events to attend.

To make your events more appealing, give them clear descriptions and eye-catching visuals. You can also reach out to people who are interested in similar events to create awareness about your performances. It's essential to use simple language, short sentences, and direct communication to ensure your message is clear and easy to understand for your audience.

6. Offer Strategic Discounts

If you want to increase ticket sales, offering discounts will help you. However, go for it smartly.

For instance, create a sense of urgency by offering early bird ticket discounts. When people believe they are getting a special deal, they are more likely to purchase tickets.

Additionally, think about combining tickets with backstage passes or exclusive merchandise. Value-added packages can encourage attendees to choose more expensive tickets.

You can also offer large groups discounted tickets to bring more audience.

Collaborating with nearby businesses to provide event-goers with discounts at those places will also help increase ticket sales for music artists in LA.

7. Optimize ticket sales for smartphones

After all your hard work, you should ensure purchasing tickets on a mobile device is simple.

Most of your buyers will probably click through from a smartphone. Make the cart and checkout processes seamless. If the mobile purchase stream isn't user-friendly, many would-be-audience will give up and go on. Verify that everything you've put up, including your website pages, videos, and social media ads, looks and functions properly on mobile devices.

But there's more! To supercharge your promotional efforts, consider leveraging specialized services offered by our studio. The promo services are tailored to assist LA's independent artists in marketing the events effectively, increasing visibility, and driving ticket sales. These services encompass targeted social media campaigns, strategic ad placements, and more, all designed to amplify your event's exposure.

By combining these tried-and-tested techniques with specialized promotional support from Mix Recording Studio, you can elevate your ticket sales and ensure packed houses for your performances. Embrace these strategies, identify what resonates best with your audience, and witness the impact on your ticket sales!


Thus, as an independent artist in LA, undoubtedly, you will need to put effort into selling tickets to your shows. Once you identify that sweet spot, keep doing what works, start promoting early, and don't be afraid to urge your fans to purchase those tickets. Definitely, you will see the result. You'll be selling more tickets for your performances.

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