8 things You Should Do Before Going to Recording Studio

8 things You Should Do Before Going to Recording Studio

When it comes to the studio, time is money, and you want to get your song finished without making a hole in the wallet or sacrificing quality to beat the clock.

This can be especially nerve-wracking if it's your first time in the studio, so Mix Recording Studio is here with 10 ideas to help you prepare for your first visit.

1. Create a strategy with your producer

You should discuss the album you're aiming to make with your producer and the recording studio which you have hired. Finding the correct instruments to achieve the intended effect will be easier if you have a plan of attack. It'll also help you figure out how much time you'll need to get everything done in a reasonable amount of time. This will be an essential moment for demos to be shared and studio regulations and expectations to be discussed.

2. Prepare yourself

When it comes to recording in a studio, money and time are usually always restrictions. So, unless you have a huge budget to spend experimenting in the studio, being prepared will help you have a better time there. Get some training in and make sure all of your equipment is in good working order. It will help you record in less time to save your charges.

3. Keep your spending under control

Talk about your budget with your producer and the hired recording studio. You may have to record in fits and starts or do it all in one night, but you'll be able to come up with a solution that everyone will like. At the end of the day, everyone wants to walk away with a record they can be proud of.

4. Bring in some of your recordings

If you've been experimenting with recording at home – or even made some fantastic demos in preparation for your session – you should bring them in as either reference or for inclusion on the album to show to your professional engineer’s in the recording studio. If you have a good performance that's recorded nicely, whether it's some unusual textures or a killer guitar idea, there's a decent possibility you can use it on the album. The home recording might also help you save time in the studio.

5. Bring references with you.

You don't have to be confused by the fact that you don't speak the same language as professional musicians or producers - and this is where having songs or albums to refer to might help. You should have these on hand not only for your first discussions with your producer/engineer but also during the sessions.

6. Be truthful with your work

Everyone, including your recording studio and yourself, has a job to do. Let's be honest about it. Keep track of your components and go on. Once you've captured something worth celebrating, have a party.

7. Make sure your session isn't overly crowded

It might be helpful to have friends and family members nearby to boost moods, provide support, and act as cheerleaders. And the recording studio in los angeles is a magical location; many people have never been inside one, so they're naturally curious to see what happens.

Making a record requires concentration and focus, and having a bunch of people make a noise and detracts from that experience. So be careful who you invite to hang out with you. Not just for your own sake, but also for the sake of the other persons engaged in the recording process.

8. Maintain an optimistic attitude.

Things are bound to go wrong. You may run out of money or time. You could break a guitar string in the middle of your most epic solo. These things will annoy you, but don't let them get the best of you. Humans make errors. Encourage the other members of your band. Pay attention to advice. Don't be a tyrant, but have a vision. It takes a team to break records. Allow yourself to be surprised by the experience.


Working in a commercial studio differs significantly from working from home. When you record at a facility where you pay by the hour or per session, you will have to be quick and some of the practices you've picked up over the years won't apply. A professional recording studio like Mix Recording Studio is efficient and focused, so be sure you're ready when you approach Mix Recording.

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