Essential Studio Tips for LA Music Artists

Essential Studio Tips for LA Music Artists


If you are a music artist planning a recording session in a recording studio in Los Angeles, you must be aware of the recording studio etiquette. As a musician in Los Angeles, besides being blessed with exceptional skills and creativity, you need to navigate the studio environment with professionalism and respect. This blog aims to outline the essential do's and don'ts of LA studio etiquette, assisting you in creating a positive and productive environment while collaborating with others.

Dos of the recording studio in LA 

  • Be punctual 

Time is valuable, and studio sessions are frequently crammed. Arriving on time, or even a few minutes early, demonstrates respect for all parties involved and facilitates a smooth workflow. For musicians in Los Angeles, it is better to plan transportation and be prepared to avoid unnecessary delays. However, still, if something bad happens, be professional and notify whoever is in charge. It sends a wrong message to writers, producers, engineers, and any potential bystanders present. Additionally, it can ruin the mood of the session by changing how those who were kept waiting to feel.

  • Come prepared
Another recording studio etiquette for musicians in Los Angeles is to be thoroughly prepared with your material before going into the studio. To increase efficiency and reduce wasting valuable studio time on figuring things out, be familiar with your parts, lyrics, and arrangements. Make sure your equipment is properly tuned and in working order as part of your preparation.
  • Communicate and collaborate
An efficient studio session depends on clear communication. With your bandmates, the producer, and the engineer, discuss your creative vision, objectives, and expectations. Be receptive to advice and helpful criticism as you respectfully exchange ideas. Thus, as a musician in Los Angeles, it is crucial to create a collaborative environment that improves the caliber of your work and encourages gratifying interactions.
  • Respect the studio
Musicians in Los Angeles should treat the recording studio as their own home. When you are in a recording studio, you must respect the tools, instruments, and property that have been given to you. Respect the studio's rules and regulations, which include treating equipment gently, tidying up after yourself, and avoiding any behavior that might result in damage.
  • Be attentive and patient
Recording studio etiquette also requires you to be patient while the recording, mixing, or mastering processes are taking place and pay attention to the producer's or engineer's instructions. Trust the knowledge of the experts you are collaborating with, and keep in mind that their job is to bring out the best in your music.

Don’ts of the recording studio in LA

  • Touch or move equipment
When you are entering a recording studio, keep in mind that as a musician in Los Angeles, you are only renting out equipment that you do not own and borrowing the areas where you record. Without speaking to someone, preferably the engineer, moving equipment like amps or mics can undoubtedly lead to conflict. Your team's meticulously crafted acoustic treatment may be noticeably impacted by something you may consider harmless. It can be incredibly frustrating to figure out and time-consuming to fix the varied sound if they don't know what has changed.

Moreover, it goes much against the recording studio etiquette to adjust knobs or raise faders if you are invited to the control room. Do not infringe on the rights of the individuals whose minds you hired to assist you in making music because engineering is a craft and production is an acquired skill where science and art meet.

  • Set unrealistic recording goals with no specific timeline
One of the worst recording studio etiquette is to be indecisive. As a musician in Los Angeles, you should have opinions on every facet of each sound because this is your record. You should be prepared to work hard and make tough choices that will ultimately result in producing your album, along with your producer. Your productivity will be practically zero if you keep changing your mind and lack direction.
You should be able to visualize the ideal sound of your album before you start recording.

  • Criticize excessively or disrespectfully
Growth can be aided by constructive criticism, but it must be given with decency. Avoid using insulting or offensive language that could demoralize others or sour business relationships. Put your attention on offering criticism in a constructive and encouraging way.

  • Overshadow others
Teamwork is a key component of collaboration. As a musician in Los Angeles, you must try not to overshadow or dominate your bandmates' or other musicians' performances in the studio. Give everyone a chance to contribute and succeed, creating a welcoming and encouraging environment.
  • Overstep boundaries
In the studio, respect personal space and boundaries. Without permission, do not touch or adjust someone else's equipment. Treat other people's instruments and gear with the same care and respect that you do on your own. While some socializing is natural and can contribute to a relaxed environment, excessive talking and distractions can be detrimental to productivity. Be aware of others' concentration and strike a balance between socializing and getting things done.


As a musician in Los Angeles, following the proper recording studio etiquette is crucial for creating a conducive and professional environment to flourish your musical talents. By following the above do's don'ts, you can enhance collaboration, build lasting relationships, and ensure a productive studio experience.

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