How much time should I book for my first recording studio session in LA?

How much time should I book for my first recording studio session in LA?


Booking for a first recording studio session in LA is simple but you need to consider certain factors.  By analysing these various factors, you can estimate the approximate time you will need to spend during your recording session. Wise planning and resource allocation will make the most of your studio time. This blog will advise how long it takes to book your first recording studio time in Los Angeles, guaranteeing a seamless and effective process.

  • Project Scope

Before scheduling your recording studio time, it's critical to have a clear idea of the project's scope. Do you intend to record an album or just a single track? It will take far less time to record a song or two and more to record an album or an extended play (an EP is typically three tracks or more). While an EP or album will probably take many weeks or longer, recording a song or two from scratch could take several days. Less studio time will be needed for fewer songs in a smaller volume of material than for songs in a large volume. Identifying these elements will give you a starting point for calculating how long your session will last.

  • Complexities in Recording

It will take a lot less time to record the vocals solely on a fully produced song than it takes to record the song or songs from scratch. However, there are still a lot of subtleties to take into account when recording vocals. Is the track, for instance, already composed and organised? Is there more than one layer, like harmonies, overdubs, fills, etc., or is it just a single voice track? It may also take longer if you want to record the vocals for multiple songs.

  • Skill Level and Rehearsal

How much practice you've done and your vocal talent level will also affect how long this takes. A professional with a lot of experience can complete the vocals for a given session in a few hours. It could take a full day, or anything from four to twelve hours of recording, for an average or beginning performer. The process will be completed quickly if you have practised and performed well. You will save time and money if you have a good recorded vocal. This is because engineers won't need to make many edits to the song during post-production.

  • Microphone Selection and Quality

Selecting the best microphone for your voice may need some trial and error. The MIX Recording Studio in LA has several microphones that are appropriate for various sounds, so you and your engineer must select the appropriate one for your situation.

  • Incorporating Other Instruments

You might want to utilise some tools provided by a professional studio, including recording live instruments or employing virtual instruments from the studio's sound library. The studio recording time of these instruments will probably increase by a few hours, depending on how many instruments you need with the song.

  • Post-Production Processes

After recording vocals and instruments, post-production processes come into the scene. Audio engineers work long hours on mixing and mastering. Mixing and mastering are crucial post-production steps that significantly raise the quality of your music. It should come as no surprise that adding any personal or unique touches to the music would require extra time and resources.

  • Setting Up and Technical Issues

Then, there are numerous additional important factors to consider before booking recording studio time. For instance, setting up the audio gear—mic, pre-amps, studio monitors, instruments and any room adjustments—takes time. Additionally, a large portion of the time will be spent retaking takes, adjusting effects on various tracks and corresponding with the engineer. Besides, equipment troubleshooting can sometimes be a factor. However, if you are working with a skilled sound engineer, for instance at MIX Recording Studio in LA, this should not be an issue.


Thus, booking your first recording studio session in Los Angeles marks a thrilling turning point in your musical career. You can decide how long to reserve for your session by carefully evaluating the project's scope and other factors mentioned in the blog. Don't forget to account for pre-production work and set aside time for unforeseen difficulties. A well-planned and prepared studio session will guarantee a satisfying and unforgettable experience.

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