How to Do Voice Over Like a Pro: The Complete Guide

How to Do Voice Over Like a Pro: The Complete Guide

If you have a confident voice, you’re lucky. Voice-over recording gives you a good opportunity to earn and live decently. However, for some recording their voice and sharing it with the world may be horrifying or uncomfortable. Believe me. You would enjoy it once you get into it. To grab the attention of your audience with your great voice, you must know the basics of the voice-over. Read below to learn about voice-over and how to do voice-over like a pro.

What is a voice-over?

A voice-over is a production technique where an individual records his/her voice to be used in radio, television production, filmmaking, documentary, theatre, or other presentations. The person may remain off-screen and read the script.
People get confused between voice-over and narration. Some consider the two the same. The basic difference between narration and voice-over is that all narration is a voice-over, but not all voice-overs are narrations.
A narration, a kind of voice-over, describes all of the on-screen action. On the other hand, non-narration voice-overs are now commonly used with instructional, informational, and educational videos.

Importance of a good voice-over

Good audio is an essential feature of a good video. The visual aspect of a video might attract a person, but the audio binds a person. Maybe you have created a great video with excellent visual aspects, but if the audio is of low quality, you will lose many viewers.
It is true, that on-screen elements make a video but voice-over helps people understand what is in the video. People who are blind get the information from your video through the voice-over. So, high-quality audio is essential for such listeners.

Elements of a good voice-over

To do a great voice-over recording, it is not necessary that you have a great voice (though if you have, you are fortunate). With practice, anyone can do a professional voice-over. A good voice-over has the following elements:
1. Audio clarity and volume: Your voice needs to be both clear and at a comfortable volume. If the audio is fuzzy or muddy, it becomes difficult for people to understand it and they get distracted.
Maintain the volume of your voice-over at a comfortable level. If it is too low, people won’t be able to hear, and if it is too loud, people will be annoyed.

2. Pace: Maintain a natural and deliberate pace during voice-over recording. If you are too fast, your audience won’t be able to understand what you are talking about. On the other hand, if you are too slow, you will bore your audience. Take a pause for occasional breathing or to provide some important information.

3. Vocal tone: Make sure that you speak in a natural and pleasant manner but don’t be over-friendly. It makes you sound fake. Nor stay monotone like a robot that can put off your listeners.

4. Pronunciation: This is an important aspect of your voice-over work. You must ensure that you pronounce each word correctly and clearly so that it is easily understood by your audience. Try avoiding regional accents as they may confuse your audience from other locations. You don’t need to be well-versed with the correct pronunciation but what matters is that you speak naturally and clearly.

What to record a great voice-over?

1. Preparation for recording:
Getting a polished video with clear and engaging audio requires preparation. Before you start voice-over recording, make some preparations.

  • Sel ect a space: A good recording room does a lot to get good audio. You don’t need a space that looks like an ideal professional studio but you can make your own room a good space for recording. Create an environment as noise-free as possible. Make sure that your recording room does not allow any extra noises to enter. Close all the doors and windows. Switch off fans or any other machine that produce noise as a slight noise can ruin your would-be excellent voice-over. Cover the hard surface of the room with curtains and rugs to avoid sound reflections.
  • Select a microphone: Your microphone is the most important equipment for your voice-over recording. Invest in a decent microphone. There are many options available in the market that can help you in getting a great voice-over, and the good news is all are not too expensive. I would also recommend you use a pop filter to minimize distracting sounds. A friendly piece of advice is never to use the built-in mics of your laptops instead always use an external microphone.
  • Select an audio software: Choose a good-quality user-friendly audio software fr om various options available in the market. For beginners, using the software may be difficult, but with little training, you will be able to use it efficiently.

2. Write a script
Work with your script to ensure your voice-over sounds professional. Avoid utterances such as hemming, umms, etc., which ruin your voice-over. Write everything in your script that you want to cover to avoid wandering off to some other unrelated topics.
After having written the complete script, practice it. Read it aloud several times.

3. Do a test record
Now when you’re ready with all the essentials, it’s time to record your voice-over. But before you start the actual recording, do a test recording to ensure that all your tools and equipment work properly, and your audio levels are good. Make sure that you keep your microphone in the correct position.

4. Record your voice-over
Once you have tested your tools, placed your microphone in the correct position, and adjusted the volume level, you can start recording your voice-over.

5. Edit your audio
After the recording, you need to edit your voice-over. Even though you have recorded the voice-over and it is free of errors, there are a few things to fix, such as you will have to trim the beginning and end to remove any dead space.


With the right tool and a little practice, you can do voice-over recording effectively. For beginners, the whole process may take some time, and you can gain expertise in just a few voice-overs.
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