How To Get More Plays on Spotify and Apple Music?

How To Get More Plays on Spotify and Apple Music?


Are you an aspiring music artist who wants to share your music with the world? With platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, it's easier than ever to reach a wider audience. However, the challenge lies in standing out from the crowd and getting more plays. In this blog, we will discuss some simple and effective ways to boost your streams on these music streaming platforms without getting lost in the digital noise.

1. Say no to Fake streams.

Purchasing streams (or followers, for that matter) puts you at risk of having your music removed from service, your Apple or Spotify account suspended or permanently disabled, and getting reduced royalty rates, which means you will get paid less for your music.

If you're not allowed to upload music to Spotify or Apple Music, there's no way you can increase those streams.

Building your brand gradually and organically is essential to achieving genuine, honest success if you're genuinely serious about sticking in the music business for the long haul.

What a high it is also to know that, in contrast to a horde of automated bots, you have a community of actual, real fans who genuinely love and appreciate your music!

2. Verify your artist profile.

The first and most crucial step in increasing your total number of Spotify or Apple streams is to get your profile verified from these streaming platforms.

Steps to verify your profile on Spotify:

·       Navigate to the section for Artist Spotify Verification.

·       Launch your account as an artist.

·       Fill in the details in the required fields.

·       Hold on to receive your Verified badge.

Steps to verify your profile on Apple Music

·       Go to to register for an Apple Music for Artists account.

·       After registering, select "Request Artist Access."

·       In the text box, copy and paste the artist link from the iTunes Store.

·       Choose your name as the artist and finish the verification process.

3. Create Playlists

Landing on a popular Spotify playlist can increase the number of streams. However, it is challenging. But with effort, you can get around Spotify's editorial filter and have your song playlisted.

Make your killer playlists. There are several methods you can use to start making your own Spotify playlists:

·       Make a playlist with all of your own songs.

·       Make a playlist with some of your own songs and your favorite artists.

·       Make a collaborative playlist with other music artists.

Now, let us talk about playlisting on Apple Music. Like Spotify, getting featured on Apple Music is a fantastic way to promote your music.

However, it is the editorial staff that curates the public playlists at Apple Music.

Thus, Apple Music does not directly accept playlist submissions. However, with a few step, you can increase the likelihood for your playlist to get added to a public playlist.

Working with a well-networked distributor, confirming your profile, and expanding your fan base on and off Apple Music are all positive moves!

4. Generate Links to Your Music

If you're releasing your music, you must promote it on every platform, including email, social media, music videos, artist websites, EPKs, press releases, and more.

All of that is fantastic, but if you want to increase the number of Spotify or Apple streams, you must provide links on your promotional platforms that point directly to your Spotify and Apple Music profile.

5. Run Campaigns

If you run campaigns, you must have a well-thought-out release strategy. It requires proper planning, preparation, and execution.

Because of this, setting up a pre-release campaign before your official release date is a priceless chance to inspire supporters and fans to add your song to their Spotify or Apple Music playlist.

6. Release Music Regularly

It makes sense that your chances of performing better on streaming platforms are higher the more music, songs, and albums you have. If you consistently release new music, your fans won't have an opportunity to lose interest in you. Maintain a consistent, well-publicized upload schedule to stay in their streaming areas alongside their musical peripheral.

Just be careful not to sacrifice the overall sound of your compositions. While it may be tempting to release content of poor quality in an effort to remain relevant, doing so will not benefit you in the long run, and your fans will be able to tell.


To obtain more plays on Spotify and Apple Music, you should promote your music smartly, interact with your audience, and create high-quality, attractive compositions. You can increase your plays and reach a broader audience by optimizing your profile, collaborating with others, remaining active on social media, and utilizing targeted advertising. Consistency and persistence are essential; keep producing, engaging, and advertising your music, and eventually, you will find your audience.

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