A music video is a message for people. The primary goal of music videos is to promote artists and their tracks and albums.

The purpose of music videos is to provide a face to the artist and his artwork. In an overview of requirements to become popular- Promotion- Revenue growth- Expansion of outlets (music channels, DVD and CD sales, website, download)- producer strategies (large label and independent), are the main. And a good music video helps you achieve this. Even in the history of Modern music, videos were originally created and used as a marketing tool to promote the sale of music recordings. They are often referred to as ‘promos'. In 1940, Walt Disney created Fantasia, an animated movie based on a famous classical piece of music. The very first music video was filmed in the 50s. In a classic video, Tony Bennett was filmed walking along The Serpentine at Hyde Park as his song “Stranger in Paradise” played and that was in 1956. It was distributed to UK and US TV channels. ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, the Beatle’s first major motion picture in 1964, arguably set out the basic visual vocabulary of today’s music videos• Penny Lane in 1967 used techniques borrowed from underground film to illustrate the song in an artful manner.

Add-on video feature by Mix recording studio "Artist Documentary" is a profound video production that shows your fans the process by which music is created. It gives your fans an intimate glimpse behind the scenes of studio work that brings art and magic to life.

Social media has changed how companies exchange information. It was created to connect people, which has proven to be a useful tool for companies across the world, allowing them to interact with their audience in a way that wasn’t possible 15 years ago. Behind-the-scenes content informality (BTS) blends perfectly with the feeling of the social media community by giving your audience a glimpse of what your business is again. music recording studio have a unique opportunity to create a deep level of engagement with their audience. They can make the audience feel like they are a part of something special.

Instead of showing your audience the usual view of your business through finished products and planned posts, BTS content allows your audience to peep behind the curtain of your business and see what they would miss otherwise. This helps your audience feel special by allowing them to see what makes you unique. Along with showing your audience a different side of your business. Since the amount of time between finished products to post can vary, BTS content can help shorten the time between social media posts. This way, your audience can see a different vision of your company and you can entertain your audience even if you have nothing ready that you would traditionally publish.

How it helps:

• Building your artist channel - offers content for your channel on YouTube and other platforms.

Establishing your profile - A good video helps you in establishing your image and profile through social media posts and helps grab producers’ and audiences’ attention on digital marketing and social media marketing platforms.

• Connecting better with your fans - they are allowed to see you in action. Through documentaries by artists and behind - the - scenes videos, the personal link between the musician, his experience, and the fans.

Presenting your personal style and creating your artistic image - An attractive video is what depicts your personality. It is done through a video by presenting your personal style and creating your artistic image in the viewer's minds.


Because of the way we now consume music, music videos have become just as or sometimes more important than the artwork. People used to buy a physical album with a pleasant cover design, but now they consume over a plethora of platforms. Remember that last piece you heard? I can’t. However, I remember the video. This is like a digital CD to the track. A professional recording studio in Hollywood, like Mix Recording Studio, will help you get a video that connects an artist and a listener, as well as connecting a listener to an audience. In many respects, they are a major medium for contemporary pop culture and technology. In the digital age, the internet is overflowing with artists, your voice can be noticed and heard if it has a video backing it and supporting it - adding a soul to your sound.

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