Some Daily Vocal Exercises Every Hip-Hop Artist Should Do

Some Daily Vocal Exercises Every Hip-Hop Artist Should Do

So, as you are going for the hip-hop style singing or learning how to sing, basically, you can’t do that exceptionally well, without going on a voice stretching exercise. Well, like the athletes, stretch, practice, and work hard to make their body flexible and to fit in any turn and twists of the game, similarly, vocalists who are giving their voice to a song or are doing the rap, or are doing the hip-hop track, they need to make their voice is flexible and adapted to the twists too. So, if you are going to any recording studio to get a song recorded, take some time before that, and practice, make your voice smooth and then get the track recorded. The exercises every hip-hop artist or vocalist should do are very easy, exciting, yet not much time taking. So, let’s see what these exercises you should do regularly are, or some days prior to recording a track.

Bubble Burping Or Trilling

This bubble burping or you can say trilling is an exercise that will relax your voice, and if your voice seems to be tired or is cracking, it will make the same clear and relax your vocal cords too. 

  • To do this exercise, you need to push out a little voice and make up-and-down Xylophone noise or make the trilling sounds.
  • Make your lips touch each other and then make sure that they sound like bubbles.
  • Also, when you are doing this exercise, certainly you do not forget to take your voice on the upper note once, and on the lower note once. This will enhance the flexibility of voice and make it smoother too. 

Make this sound going up and down for 1-2 minutes. You can do this, to the time you think your voice is getting better and smoother.

Tip: You can also do this before you are going for the recording session. It relaxes your voice and mind quickly. 

Vowels and Consonants Can Help

The vowels exercise, that is saying Ma, May, Me, Mo, Moo/Mu, is a must for hip-hop singers or any vocalist. 

Now, this exercise will make your pronunciation much better and will increase your strength of singing too. 

Also, if you do the consonant exercise by using vowels in them, like saying, Tha, Sha, Zah, Gaa, Bha, Gha, Haa, Wah, Faa, Raa, and others, it will improve the twisting capacity of the tongue and will make the vocal muscles more potent. 

So, to do this, you need to say, Ma, may, Me, Mo, Mu, on one note slowly, and try saying them in one breath; and then move to the next note doing the same. 

Then to do the consonant exercises, you have to take out one sound over and over again on one note, till the time you are out of breath. Then move to the next note doing the same, till the last note of your voice range. 

These exercises will increase the strength of your tongue’s muscles, make your larynx and soft palate stranger, and work on strengthening your vocal cords too. 

When You Can Do The Siren Exercise You Know, You Are A Good Vocalist

This exercise is well defined in its name itself and is very easy to Perform. However, if you do this exercise, it can well define if your vocal is fatigued and if the vocal is exhausted or not. 

To do this exercise, you need to hit the lowest note you can sing, and then making a bridge of your voice, in a limbo, you have to drift very smoothly to the upper note. Very similar to the sound of the siren. As the siren starts from the lower note and hits the highest note, slowly touching all the in-between notes but not breaking the limbo, similarly, you have to do this exercise. 

You can do this exercise in reverse form as well. For that, you can start from the highest note and then shift to the lower note. 

However if you are doing this exercise, and when you are unable to touch the lower or unable to hit the upper note smoothly, then you know that your voice is exhausted, and needs to be worked upon. Doing this exercise will help you improve your voice quality. And if you can make the siren sound perfectly, you know you are a good vocalist. 


Now, this one is a must. We all are indeed familiar with “Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do”, and this has to be a part of the daily voice exercise. Whether you sing Classical, Hip-Hop, do Rap, or sing any other form, having reasonable grounds on the notes is necessary. So, practice this!

To do this:

· Start from the lower note, and move to the upper one.

· Make sure you listen to every note and stay on every note a bit longer.

· Try completing one round of up and down in one breath. This will improve your clarity of the notes and will increase your breathing stamina.

· Try this without a piano. So, if you can do this without a piano after practicing it for a while or a few days, you are doing it right!


All these exercises are not only important for Hip-Hop artists to do. To get a clear, loud, and weighty voice, they are beneficial for other Hip-Hop artists and other vocalists as well. So, if you are already in this profession, or want to improve the quality of the voice, you should do these daily vocal exercises. Doing these vocal exercises routinely will improve your voice quality, and you will be able to sing all the hip-hop tracks with more incredible energy. 


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