Top 7 TikTok Ideas for Musicians to Grow Fanbase

Top 7 TikTok Ideas for Musicians to Grow Fanbase

Top 7 TikTok Ideas for Musicians to Grow Fanbase

TikTok is a powerful tool for building an engaged fanbase, and as an artist, you should definitely make use of this social media channel to reach your audience. For new artists, it is one of those platforms that can be of great help. First, it is distressingly involved - once you start scrolling, it is difficult to get away fr om it. Secondly, since it is relatively new and still working on penetrating the social media market, it is easier for artists to get organic reach. With it, you can easily go viral. Additionally, it is built with music in mind and relies on audio as a primary driver of content, hence it is best for musicians.

Get started uploading your music on TikTok to grow your fanbase.

Read below to know the top 7 TikTok ideas every musician must take advantage of.

1.      Search and follow your favorite musician.

It can be intimidating to enter the TikTok universe for the first time. As you scroll around the app, you may wonder: What's going on? What functions are here? The most crucial question is: Wh ere do I fit?

Don't worry.

What I suggest is: Look for musicians you enjoy (and, preferably, who are producing music with a tonal style that is similar to yours) and follow as many as you can. Take note of what they do as you observe.

Social media is fantastic for keeping track of what other people are doing, which is kind of the goal, but it's also a great method to figure out what will work for you. Additionally, remember that TikTok is a remixing platform. It's likely that when you collaborate with other creators, you'll discover opportunities to produce awesome things on your own.

2.      Use the story buckets to engage your fan.

Have some ideas or themes (at least 5-10) and create stories around them. Believe me, you will never be short on ideas. Because you'll undoubtedly find yourself searching for ideas if you don't have a plan before you start. You probably won't be able to post even if you spend a whole day on it.

You can escape the root by using story buckets.

You can take ideas from anything around you or concepts from your personal or professional life. For example, your dog might serve as a plot device. A narrative bucket may be your Spotify playlist. Whatever you're interested in can work as long as it complements your artistic vision. Many artists use their music production process for their story bucket. It really works – as your fans love to know more about you as an artist and an individual. They love to know what goes on behind the scenes of music production.

3.      Do Duet, it's an awesome idea

TikTok allows you to collaborate with others and one of the most significant methods to collaborate with others on TikTok is through duets, a fantastic collection of creative tools.

On TikTok, Duet enables you to submit your video next to one from another creator. A duet consists of two split-screen videos that play simultaneously. You can use this function in a variety of ways, such as creating a reaction video in which one person reacts to something happening on the other screen or using the "open verse challenge" concept, in which one artist begins a song and leaves room for the other artist to improvise.

4.      Move with the trend.

Remember, TikTok is heavily driven by trends. So, if you can use what's hot at the right moment, you will surely enhance your reach. For example, when the famous Sadie Jean's open verse challenge began gaining popularity, many accounts jumped on and those that did so first tended to experience the greatest success. What I recommend is that you must spend a few hours each week looking for the trends and try using the swell before the waves subside.

However, don't move with every passing trend as many may not make any sense to you. Remain true to your artistic vision and provide your unique perspective when it is appropriate. Things will surely change for good.

5.      Test your tracks to know what will work

It is best to implement this excellent idea on TikTok. You can test your tracks with your audience on TikTok before finally releasing them.

By doing this, you could save a lot of your time generating buzz before your tracks are even released.

However, it will work if you already have an engaged audience. However, if you do, you can essentially determine what will work before you bother to promote it.

Even if you simply have a rough draft, try testing your next single and see what occurs.

6.      Do live streams

To go live is another smart move. Similar to all social media platforms, TikTok has a "live" feature that has a few nice advantages.

When you go live, you'll probably see some fresh eyes.

Additionally, you'll engage your audience in an experience, which is equally significant. Live streams are routinely hailed by marketers as one of the top platforms for audience engagement. It makes sense; just as attending a concert produces a higher emotional connection than listening to a song on Spotify, seeing a live stream generates a stronger emotional response than watching a previously posted video.

When you go live, your fans can interact with you in real-time.

On a live stream, you can perform anything but can test some fundamental ideas, such as

Song explanation sessions, fan Q&As and also performing live concerts.

I'd suggest trying out the live option once you've developed a following on TikTok.

7.      Collaborate with influencers for a wider reach

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, consider collaborating with popular TikTok influencers to bring your music in front of new audiences.

This is known as influencer marketing, and it can be extremely effective. (It includes just one constraint – you will have to pay the influencer for this). And if you are a serious artist, pay for influencer marketing to gain a wider reach.


TikTok is a wonderful platform with incredible potential. Try using it to grow your fan base.

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