Christopher McMasters

Christopher McMasters

Advanced Engineer

Christopher McMasters - Chris was raised in Houston, Texas. He began his musical exploits in 2007 by taking on orchestral percussion. This quickly became a passion for Chris. Fast forward to 2014; with awards from the Texas State UIL Marching, Solo and Ensemble Competitions, he decided to branch out into the world of audio recording. Graduating from the University of Colorado, Denver with a Bachelor’s Degree in Recording Arts, Chris has ventured out to Los Angeles to take on the new challenge of working with the amazing artists who share his same passion in music. Looking to take every mix to the next level, Chris’s goal is to have his clients leave the studio with their mix jumping out of the speakers so hard that no one can help but dance. With every session, he looks to bring the best out of every client’s vocal performance, providing a crisp, clean clarity that cannot be found anywhere else.

  1. Mixing Samples
  2. HIP HOP I00:00
  3. HIP HOP II00:00
  4. EDM00:00
  5. RnB I00:00
  6. RnB II00:00
  7. Reggeton00:00
  8. POP00:00
4 reviews
Snappa RED
Man...Chris is Awesome!! I have had the wonderful opportunity working with him on my first mix tape project from start to finish! It has been amazing! He's prompt, efficient, his feedback is on point, and he has a true desire to give you a top quality product. Chris really made this project come to life and we are looking forward to working on the next project with him.


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