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Advanced Engineer

Audio Engineer/Producer TOPBOY, raised in South East Los Angeles, has worked with artists like Vinny West, Joey Fatts, Fenix Flexin, Peso Peso, AFN Peso, and K Suave. In 2023, TOPBOY mixed and mastered "My Skeleethe (Remix)" by T-Jxint [feat. Vinny West], which hit 5 million streams on Spotify alone and also went viral on TikTok. Having found some success in Hip Hop/Rap, TOPBOY works with other genres including Reggaetón, Pop, Dark Wave, R&B, House, Alternative, and Corridos Tumbados.
Recording Studio
  1. Mixing Samples
  2. POP00:00
  3. R&B00:00
  5. REGGAETON00:00
  6. DARK WAVE00:00
  7. HIP HOP00:00
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William Dunlap
Lalo is excellent. Very helpful, I had a great session.


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