Daniel Cullen

Daniel Cullen

Advanced Engineer

Daniel Cullen has raised the bars of what we perceive as "record quality" and enables you to deliver robust music that will resonate with your style. In addition, he excels at creating smooth workflows that can make any hectic process effortless and ensure you enjoy every part of the recordings.

He has the gift of approaching each project from artistic and sonic perspectives. He has a diverse taste in music and this eclectic palate gives him the ability to work across all genres. His mixing service is one-of-a-kind and is a blend of his own passion and the artist's vision. His intention is not to create music fast but to see how far he can push himself to achieve the best and to pull maximum takeaways from each song. His passion lies in the pursuit of sonics.
  1. Mixing Samples
  2. HIP HOP00:00
  3. POP I00:00
  4. POP II00:00
  5. R&B I00:00
  6. R&B II00:00
  7. SOUL00:00
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